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YASunidos signatures exceed the necessary, second a study

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Enrique Mafla, polytechnic professor
Enrique Mafla, polytechnic professor

A group of academics from the National Polytechnic School and the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, based on a random sample, determined that the figures presented by the National Electoral Council as valid records submitted by the collective YASunidos differ ‘significantly’ after statistical analysis.

YASunidos presented according to the analysis, about 673,862 signatures, and then a random sample of 2,508 Forms Line (20,064 signatures), it was determined that A TOTAL OF 667,334 ARE VALID, with a margin of sampling error of only 0.76%.

Enrique Mafla, polytechnic teacher, clarified that the signature verification was performed using the electoral roll of 2014, and it had a team of twelve people who were delayed ten days to process the information.

He said that according to electoral roll wich crossed the information that several names do exist, for example four citizens who are named Batman, and other Jhon Guey and about 30 people with the name of Superman. So Mafla added, the name of the people should not be a criterion to disqualify his will to support or not to a citizen initiative.

Paul Duke, dean of the Faculty of Geology, said that in total there were 10,770 duplicate names, which means a percentage of 1.26% of signatures submitted, and were not considered in the sampling performed.

If the CNE had not taken into account the procedures for verification of the signatures, the group had spent YASunidos the number of signatures required to hold a referendum, Duque said, adding that ‘ the will expressed by those who signed is clearly indicated, in this case 673,862 signatures that exceed the number required for the query ‘.

Claudia Storini, professor in law at the Universidad Andina, said that the formalities established by the CNE were left out many signatures.

She stated that the CNE was applied formalities that are not critical to determining the purpose, in this case the referendum. She said it is true that the CNE can put the essential requirements, but if a person makes a mistake and put the name instead of the family name or conversely, that’s a formulidad that can not be stronger to the will of a citizen to be consulted.


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