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YASunidos is one of the nominees for The Human Rights Tulip! The Human Rights Tulip is an annual award of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs for individuals or organisations that promote human rights worldwide in innovative ways. The prize worth is €100.000!! To win this prize we need YOUR VOTE in an online poll. To the online voting

The prize money could be used perfectly to further expand and deepen the YASunidos campaign to save the Yasuní and protect the rights of the indigenious peoples in the Yasuní, whose existence is acutely threatened by the oil exploitation!

Members of the public can vote from Monday 29th September 2014 until Friday 10th October 2014.
The Yasuní is a wordlwide symbol – if we archieve to avoid the oil exploitation in the Yasuní-
20140412_105408ITT, we are one step further toward a post-oil society in Ecuador and beyond!

It’s very easy: PLEASE VOTE HERE FOR YASUNIDOS! Thank you so much!

The procedure after the online poll: An esteemed international independent jury will consider the three leading candidates from the online poll as well as three ‘wild card’ candidates from organisations with a smaller public network. The jury will advise the Netherlands Minister of Foreign Affairs, who will then choose the winner. The prize will be presented to the winner in a public ceremony in The Hague on 9th December.

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