YASunidos Manifesto


It is with great joy and success that we open the portal http://www.yasunidos.org in which we will communicate the various activities organized in defense of #Yasuni on a national level, articulate proposals and reflect together.


We are many, we are different but we have something very powerful in common that unites us; we know that now is a historic moment for building and thinking beyond the current model; we are the movement YASunidos and we unite as a response from civil society to the failure of the Yasuni – ITT Initiative put forth by the Ecuadorian government along with its plan to exploit the natural reserve with the greatest biodiversity in the world which is also home to uncontacted peoples.

We define ourselves as a purely peaceful movement without any partisan positions seeking the protection of life, human rights, respect for the Constitution of Ecuador as well as the protection and conservation of our Ancestral, Natural Heritage. We are committed to economic alternatives for the development of our country that do not include the exploitation of the ITT oil fields. Therefore we demand from the politicians, especially from the Assembly of Ecuador, that they assume the historical responsibility and take the rightful position in favor of maintaining the oil underground. If this shows not to be the case, and as this is of national interest, we Ecuadorians, who have been involved in this initiative for more than six years, seek the practice of participatory democracy through a referendum.

It is important to note that we vigorously oppose any attempt by the current regime to make us appear as boycotters and we invite anyone to participate in our public activities that demonstrate our constructive nature, essential for a just and stable democracy.

For us, the initiative to leave the oil underground indefinitely should not respond to the whims of the international community or those of a government that has failed us by unidirectionally discarding the possibility of a serious public debate about alternatives for the conservation of the ITT.

We, YASunidos, demand respect for the human rights of the uncontacted peoples as guaranteed by Article 57 of the Constitution. We demand that our Ancestral, Natural Heritage is not sacrificed and opt for post-oil alternatives. We urge for a truthful and transparent debate about our economic model and our energy base. Also, we demand that the government let us show our disagreement through the legitimate exercise of protest without repression and criminalization.

For us, the goal of leaving the ITT oil underground is more alive than ever which is evident through the creativity and commitment demonstrated in the streets by citizens asking for their voice to be heard. We hope that the topic will be widely discussed and that various arguments will come forth rather than confusing information along with delegitimizing governmental propaganda.

It is essential to end poverty and improve education but we do not believe that the exploitation of Yasuni is the way to do so. There are plenty of riches in our country but they are poorly distributed, which is emphasized by the fact that the economic groups earning the most have increased their profits in recent years while at the same time there has been a decrease in the taxes that they must pay on their sales. If we increase the tax on their profits by 1,5% we would get more than 50 billion dollars during the same period of 22 years that is being proposed for the explotation of the ITT.

Just like the Yasuni – ITT Initiative, we propose a search for alternatives, we propose breaking away from the schemes with courage, in short, we propose a social revolution that challenges the values of energy consumption and that prioritizes the common good, defending the idea of the “Good Living”.

We are aware that more than one person has attempted to use our platform to their own advantage which is why it is necessary to clarify that we fight for life and an alternative to the extractivist model. We are citizens, not only urban citizens, and we are aware of the disasters that oil extraction generates for nature, humanity and the economy. With a strong belief that this is the moment to take the debate to the streets with the participation of everyone, we hope to overcome the oil dependency imposed on us, that moreover further aggravates global warming, environmental destruction, puts the lives of peoples in volutary isolation at risk and threatens not only the future of Ecuadorians but also that of humanity.

Therefore we invite everyone who feels part of this country, who loves this country and who wants to collaborate and contribute, to join the movement and walk with us in order to build a better future. As we Ecuadorians say:

Yes, we can!!!

YASunidos, fighting for life

2 comentarios sobre “YASunidos Manifesto

    Michael Ayres escribió:
    21 febrero, 2014 en 7:42 pm

    I would like to sign your petition calling for a stop to oil exploration in the yasuni tropical reserve,Ishpingo-Tambococha-Tiputini (ITT). This is a tragedy not only for the people of the region , but for the world as a whole. A precedent must not be set.
    Michael Ayres, Santa Barbara USA

      yasunidosinternacional respondido:
      17 marzo, 2014 en 10:10 pm

      Hi Michael,
      Thank you a lot for interest. Unfortunately the signature collection that we are carrying out can only be signed by Ecuadorians. However there are other ways to show your support.

      – You can sign the Avaaz campaign for Yasuní that you find on this web site under the menú ‘Support us’ which is not directly linked to our campaign but it does show the international support that the issue of Yasuní have.
      – A help that will have a direct effect on our petition to keep the oil in the soil in the Yasuní is donations which will be spent on materials like the official petiton forms, pens, boards, tables etc. By downloading the game “Age of Yasuní” you can make additional donations to the 0,99$ that the down load costs. Any donation is a great help. Here is the link: https://netdonor.net/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1728&ea.campaign.id=12557

      Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to write us back.

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