• According to the constitution of Ecuador the approval of 5% of the electorate is required for the initiation of a referendum. This equates to approximately 600 000 signatures. However in order to make a strong statement, we aspire to obtain at least one million signatures.
  • Every single signature counts. Even if you´re not an Ecuadorian citizen, you can help us by collecting signatures from Ecuadorians – as well as from Ecuadorians abroad!
  • What can you do exactly?
  • The 10 Commandments of how you can save Yasuní:
    1. Download the Signature form and print the front and back side.
    2. Please use blue pen only and write in capital letters exclusively in the fields provided – even the signature of the interested person may not cross the field lines!
    3. Please ask for the identity card (“cedula”) of the Ecuadorian and write down only their first forename and their first surname in the spaces provided.
    4. Note the 10 numbers of the identity card of the interested person.
    5. Let the interested person sign and compare their signature with the original signature on the identity card
    6. Sign your name in the field at the bottom of the form as the person resbonsible for the collection of signatures on this form (no matter, if you´re Ecuadorian or not) and include all of your fore- and surnames so that your name appears as on your identity card. Please write down the number written on your identity card as well.
    7. Leave the section above (Hoja N°, Día, Mes, Año as well as the grey box  “Consulta Popular Nacional”) and all other spaces of the form completely empty. A form with notes, stains, cracks and which has been folded won´t be valid!
    8. Please make sure that you only collect signatures from eligible Ecuadorian voters and foreigners with domicile for at least five years in Ecuador. In both cases they must be over 16 years of age.
    9. Keep in mind that saving Yasuní doesn´t involve political parties, but is worth the fight for life, for the Amazon rainforest and the peoples in voluntary isolation.
    10. Deliver or send the signed forms to the next collecting point together with a coloured copy of your identity card (respectively „Cédula“) and if you´re Ecuadorian please also include the confirmation of your vote of the last Ecuadorian elections




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