Age of Yasuní

Game over for the Oil exploitation! Save the Yasuní by playing Age of Yasuní and support the YASunidos campaign

This video game is an effort to make the struggles of the native peoples against the threat of the oil industry over the fragile and/or biodiverse areas in different parts on the planet visible. AoY-play

„Fight“ against the oil activities and their impacts on different sceneries in the world. Start with saving the Yasuní and go on with the Brazil’s Amazon region, South East Asia, Alaska and the North Sea.

The game is simple and meant for all ages for the general public (available in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Kichwa, Chinese and soon also in German and Arabic). The aim is to proclaim and support the idea of leaving the oil underground.

Their is a free and paid version ($ 0,99 or its equivalent in euro). The contributions for the paid download allow to create a support fund for campaigns and resistance processes against the extension of oil activities, which is administrated and managed by the Global Greengrants Fund.

This game is multimedia and multiplatform application both for mobile devices and smartphones (soon also available for computers).

Everyone who has a iOS or Android device can download the App directly from the App-Store or Android market.

Click here to support

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