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World Action Day to save the Yasuní: Massive support from abroad

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Today, 10th of April, is the WORLD ACTION DAY TO SAVE THE YASUNÍ!

In less than one week we have received  umpteen PHOTOS WITH MESSAGES OF SOLIDARITY from more than 50 cities of 26 countries from all over the world…and every day coming more!

Student groups, environmental organizations, scientists, famous personalities like Oscar-winner Jared Leto, the social activist and idol of the anti-globalisation movement Naomi Klein (“No Logo”) or the Indian environmental activist Vandana Shiva as well as many individuals have sent us their greetings and best wishes to convoke a national referendum in order to protect the Yasuní-ITT from the invasion of oil companies.

Thanks so much to everybody!

resumen fotos

..from the Arctic Circle to Argentina, Brasil over North Korea, Vietnam to the UK, USA, Iceland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia. And these are only a few! Have a look to all the lovely and creative greetings that we have got so far:

This support is impressive –We all are YASunidos! Please don´t stop sending us more photos! 

Furthermore, in these days Ecuadorian embassies and consulates in various countries are receiving LETTERS FROM YASUNÌ SUPPORTERS  in order to demand to respect the rights of nature, the human rights as well as the constitutional rights of the Ecuadorian civil society to convoke a referendum to avoid the oil spilling in the Yasuní-ITT.

See some of them here:



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In a view days the civil society alliance ofenvironmental, social, and indigenous organizations in Ecuador, Yasunidos, will hand the Ecuadorian government 600 000 signatures that are needed to call for a National Referendum in order to stop the oil exploitation in YASUNI NATIONAL PARK. If the Ecuadorian government accepts the signatures of the Ecuadorians, this will be the question of the first referendum worldwide to protect the rights of nature: “Are you in favor that the Ecuadorian government keeps the oil underground indefinitely under the Yasuní-I TT, also known as Block 43?”

JOIN THE YASUNIDOS MOVEMENT and support the Ecuadorians in their constitutional right for a national referendum that could save the Yasuní rainforest! Protecting the Amazon and preventing a possible ethnocide of the indigenous people in the area should not know any national borders. Let´s speak worldwide with one voice – for life, against the oil!


1. Send us your photos, videos and messages of support saying that the ECUADORIAN´S RIGHT TO A REFERENDUM SHOULD BE RESPECTED. Help to let the Ecuadorian people decide! Use your creativity! Take a picture with your message, the city and country you are from and send it to us TILL 10th OF APRIL 2014, to:
Twitter: @Yasunidos

Here are the photos we have received so far from many cities around the world:

2. Sign the petition: and remit it to all your friends and family!

3. Visit your Ecuadorian consulate or embassy in your city. Organize a peaceful protest and deliver a personal letter stating why you think it is important to SAVE YASUNÍ. Please take pictures and/or a video of it and send it to us, as well as TILL 10th OF APRIL!